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Apostle Jean and Prophetess Shela Dieudonne are unique ministers who carry the peace and presence of God wherever they go, Whether through her deeply moving worship or through his teachings of the word of God, it is apparent that these  ministers have been chosen by God to fulfill a great purpose. At a very young age, Apostle Jean experienced supernatural visitations from God. As they allow the power of God to work through them, they have seen many miracles, and many souls brought to the power of Jesus Christ.


They answered the call into Ministry, to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. They  carry an unprecedented measure of the anointing up their lives, and many have reported supernatural encounters, testimonies, etc… as they minister.

There is so much to say about Apostle Jean and Prophetess Shela. They have amazing, beautiful Children and as well as many spiritual children that God has given into their care. 


We Believe in the word of God and His power. We strongly believe that God is still using His chosen ones to preach, teach, impact, heals, and changing lives through signs and wonders, and miracles as the Word of God instructs us. 


Our job is simple: Open the eyes, and ears of this generation in order for them to see, experience, and understand the love and the will of God. We impact and empower God's people and send them to do the same for others.  


We target the young minds. We strongly believe that a person can be in age, but yet young in mind. We know that God uses the humble. Therefore, we teach our community how to remain humble or young. 


We believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, and He is on the right side of His Father interceding for us. 

We believe that God send His angels to minister to us and lastly, we believe in demonstrating the word of God. 

We're growing! We have different Locations!

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